Environmental Benefits of a Push Reel Lawn Mower

The more lawn you have on your home spot, the more attention you need to pay on cutting the grass. But how do you do this in the most energy-efficient and non-polluting manner? One consideration is to use electrically powered mowers or go to the most basic level and use a push mower. The push variety is operated by human strength. The blades spin to cut grass as you push the mower along the grass, cutting it evenly and efficiently. There is more physical labor involved, but that can be great exercise.

Finding the best, non-polluting lawn mower should be an easy task. You can check online for the top brands to use most efficiently. Some people say that the push reel mowers actually do a better job of mowing the lawn than gasoline powered mowers. Gas power does produce pollution to the air, upping carbon monoxide conditions. This has a profound impact on the environment. When you consider how many people use gas mowers in the world, this is a huge amount of pollution released into the atmosphere on a regular basis. If you are concerned about the environment, Push reel lawn mowers are the best option.

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Ideally, you want the grass you have to be cut properly and well. With this in mind, understand that your push mower will need different types of blades for the various types of grass in yards. For example, if you have thick and rough grass you will need push mower blades designed to handle that type of landscaping. Another scenario would be that you have a softer, lighter grass cover and it will require special blades for cutting grasses. You will probably want to have an expert opinion on this issue. Find out what the top models are online and get an idea of which push mower you want to get.

Wider blades cut more grass. If you have high grass, you will want to use broad blades to handle the weeds and taller grasses. If needed, you can change to thinner blades to finish off the shortened grass. In order to avoid constant blade changes, it is best to keep your lawn at a low-cut year-round and consider always grooming longer grass areas. No matter what, the push mowers require greater physical effort to work. If you have a disability and cannot push such a mower, you would be better off using a riding mower that is powered by electricity. This will still have a low impact on the environment while providing greater power and stability for mowing.

Using a push reel mower, you are sustaining good physical activity, strengthening the entire body over time. This can actually be part of your exercise regimen to make it a more attractive effort to handle. One could say that you lose excess body fat and gain muscle by using these manual mowers. With the effort you have to put in, this is certainly true. Additionally, push mowers are quiet so you don’t disturb the neighbors with the roaring of a gas mower. Be kind to the environment and your neighbors by using a push reel mower.